Playing a song from the Fabulous Baker Boys movie

Always looking for stuff to play on my grand piano, I recalled watching the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys (from 1989) – in which Michelle Pfeiffer sings a fantastic cover of „Making Whoopee“ accompanied by Jeff Bridges on the piano (in reality played by Dave Grusin). Michelle Pfeiffer sings that song actually herself and I think she does a great performance – both in singing and acting.


So I started looking for transcriptions of that song as played in the movie. I ended up with the song book by Adam Biggs from the UK and ordered it directly from his website. I actually started an email exchange with him and he told me that he listened to all the songs from that movie over and over again and over a long time painstakingly wrote it all out.


The result is actually great, I especially like „Making Whoopee“ but also „Funny Valentine“ (not so much the violin bit of that in the movie and on the film music cd). Adam told me that he actually met Dave Grusin at the jazz club Ronny Scotts in London a few years ago and that he praised the transription work!


I recommend everybody who liked the movie and the music from Dave Grusin to buy the song book from Adam Biggs. Here is the link to his website: