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Grandpianohall focuses on restored vintage grand pianos. Why grand pianos? Because the sound is so much better and richer in most cases compared to the sound of an upright piano. So we focus on the smaller segment in volume of grand pianos only.


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Why used ?


We are not participating in the eternal discussion: „is new better than used“ or vice versa „ used grand pianos are better than new, since the quality of the wood the manufacturers used 100 years ago is so much better than they use nowadays“ or „the quality of the craftmenship was so much better in the old days compared to today“. Grandpianohall thinks new grand pianos should be sold directly by the manufacturers network of dealers and specialised retailers, as most of these instruments go to institutional buyers anyway such as concert halls, music halls and high-end hotels.


The advantage of a restored grand piano for the buyer is that you get an excellent instrument comparable technically to a new instrument, but at a much better price. The margin on a new instrument is at full price typically between 30 and 40% - in addition the price for a new one is also that 100% of the instrument has been made at current labor costs. The margin of a restored instrument is much lower, also the purchase price of the instrument is much lower for the restorer plus mostly only part of the instrument needs restoration.

Why just a few brands ?


We select our grand pianos on sound first and then also on the quality of the parts/materials and most important the quality of the craftsmen that built and restored the instrument, the level of detail that went into restoring the grand piano, which will ultimately impact the sound you will get. We believe that this is not guaranteed in the instruments from most mass productions manufacturers mainly located in China, Japan and Korea.

Which vintage age are we focussing on? More on that later.



Through our network of piano technicians, we offer you transportation services and tuning of your instrument once it arrives at your premises.

In the near future, we will add piano rental services in the Northern Part of Germany.


Martin van Os – Founder

I was sold to the sound of a grand piano at the age of 10, when I was allowed to play on the Steinway D of the Music School Director to practice for the annual concert by piano pupils. I am not very talented but still play now well into my 40s regularly. During my studies at university I rented an upright piano sounding like a circus piano, later when I started working I bought one of the first digital pianos from Yamaha, which had a terrible touch. Later in my late 30s when I had the space and the money, I purchased a used restored Steinway O Model, which I later traded in for a restored B Model made originally in 1894. If I have time I regularly go to classical concerts (mostly piano solo), hear jazz on vinyl and visit piano dealers all over Europe and look and try the instruments available. I am no piano technician, but l know about how a good grand piano has to sound and am generally interested in the instrument and music business. I eg used to work for Soundcloud a couple of years.

XXX – Piano Restorer and Tuner

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