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We at Grandpianohall have a mission: to offer a great selection of quality restored grand pianos in a pleasant environment, where every potential grand piano aficionado can try out various instrumens from the key brands and will find an instrument to buy – for us the following things are key:

  • To market mainly online, since we think that a new generation of piano players will inform themselves online and have a pretty clear idea of what to buy before actually going to a store or dealer. That means at the same time what we will not do: „advise on buying brand X since we happen to be a dealer for that brand“. Since the purchase or such an instrument is probably a once in a life-time and involves investing a serious amount of money, we think the potential buyers are willing to travel beyond the home town or region to that supplier with the relevant selection of instruments. In times of Ryanair & Co this is possible economically.
  • To have a selection of 2 or 3 units of the models we have on offer (eg a Steinway A model) to that a buyer can try out the sound and touch of a few instruments before selecting one to purchase. We think this is adamant.
  •  To listen to the potential customers what they value and are looking for, no matter whether you are an upcoming professional musician, a piano teacher or the casual amateur painist.

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Bluethner 188


This grand piano has been restored by a highly qualified technician in Hamburg, who has done many restorations and prepared pianos for a large selection of well-known pianists. The grand piano has a unique sound not heard in comparable new instruments. The Bluethner has very robust mechanics and looks beautifully.


Manufacturer: Bluethner (Leipzig), Model: 188, Built in: 1902, Length: ca. 188 cm, Colour: Ebony, Year of Restoration: 2015, Price: 14.900 EUR


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Steinway B Model

This vintage Steinway B model with the serial number 79745 was made in the period, in which the New York based Steinway business had opened a Hamburg branch but still only assembled the grand pianos from parts that were made in the New York factory. The piano was sold to the Steinway dealer in London, but ended up as the private grand piano of a music professor at the Bremen School of Music, who herself had been a pupil of the famous Walter Gieseking. The grand piano has a beautiful transparent Steinway sound and a great touch. Of course it still has the original ivory keys.


Manufacturer: Steinway (New York / Hamburg), Model: B, Built in: 1894, Length: 211 cm, Colour: Ebony, Year of Restoration: 2008, Price: not for sale


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